Software: VH Otthymo


With over 30 years of extensive use and development, VH Otthymo has a reputation as an easy-to-use and comprehensive hydrologic modelling software. Used by municipalities, cities, consultants, and engineers around the world, VH Otthymo employs graphical drainage schematic interface to set up and run models that simulate the flow of stormwater from a variety of catchments. With its calculations for stormwater runoff, peak flows, and volume measurements to analyze stormwater facility and pond sizing and capacity, VH Otthymo is essential for flood mapping and stormwater management.

Trusted. An Industry Standard management for many Municipalities and Conservation Authorities.

Efficient. Get results faster with the easy to use, powerful VH Otthymo. It delivers results at the speed you require.

Improved User Interface. Advanced Graphical User Interface enhances productivity with both performance and design.